3d Holographic Polish

When I snagged the coveted Floam from Ninjapolish.com a couple weeks ago I also grabbed a bottle of holographic nail polish that I’d had my eye on for a while. Bad idea because now I NEED more! Lol

Glitter Gal is a brand of polish out of Australia. Their prices are a tad high for the size of the bottle but it is absolutely worth it! Their high quality materials make this polish one I can highly recommend in every way. Application was flawless and the finished result is breathtaking. I did three coats and didn’t have a single issue with balding or clumping. The polish levels out nicely and I’m telling you, it goes on like butta!!!! Lol

In sunlight the holo effect is stunning. Under artificial light (like my cell phone’s led flash) it absolutely glows electric! I turn on my iPhones flashlight app and wow people when they ask me about the polish. Photos can not do it justice, but I’ll try to show you here.

The first color I bought was Blue (Bondi Blue on some sites).

First, inside with flash on. When you move it dances in the light!


In sunlight with flash-


Shade no flash


Sunlight. Ahhhhhhh.




This is the start of a beautiful friendship!! Now to decide what color I NEED to buy next. Lol Happy painting y’all!!

Check out Glitter Gal online at http://www.glittergal.com.au.
I purchased mine from Ninja Polish, my new favorite site to buy my crack, er, polish online LOL!!


Removing Stubborn Glitter Polish

I love glitter polish but hate having to remove it. It’s messy and hard to get off. But it’s sooooo pretty!!!
I didn’t invent this. I learned about it through a little nail salon here in town. They use this method to remove acrylics as well as various polishes. I’m just writing it down because many have asked how I can wear glitter without wanting to punch a wall in frustration every time I changed my polish.

Ok, first of all, a disclaimer. Acetone is rough stuff. It’s rough on your nails and it’s rough on your skin. If you’re only wearing one or two coats of polish, you might want to stick with a regular polish remover for this. However if you’re like me and you put layers upon layers of the stuff on topped by top coat polish that could be used to seal cracks on the Titanic, acetone is the way to go. The key is to moisturize like crazy afterwards.

You will need regular old household aluminum foil, your polish remover (acetone or not), and cotton balls.


I separated each cotton ball into two pieces so you only need 5 to do both hands. If your cotton balls are small you might not be able to do this, but mine were huge.
I tore off 5 small sheets of foil from the roll approximately 6 inches long. Then, with the pieces stacked together, I just tore it in half to give me 10 squares of foil.

Now comes the fun. Only do one hand at a time. You’ll see why.

Load up a cotton ball with your polish remover, place it directly onto your nail. Then place your finger onto a square of foil with the tip in the middle. Wrap the foil over the top of the finger, then tightly wrap up each side. Give each finger a good squeeze to make sure the cotton is snug on there and the foil is tight. Air is your enemy. You want your now chubby foil finger to be a fortress!


After you do all fingers, sit and watch tv or check your twitter. I’d say 3 minutes of just relaxing is enough. Remember, acetone is damaging, so you don’t want it to sit too long.

Now you want to grab one of your foil wrapped fingers, making sure to put some pressure on your hidden cotton ball, and with a slight twisting motion, pull off the foil (the cotton should come with it if you’re squeezing hard enough). Voila! Polish free nail!!


If there’s a tiny bit of polish left, usually stuck in the corners, just wipe it off with a swab or napkin. Usually it will just wipe off if you catch it right after you’ve removed the foil.

Now you’ll want to wash your hands well before starting the other hand. When you’re done, give your cuticles and nails a good slathering in your favorite cuticle oil or lotion and keep them moisturized well.

Now there’s no need to avoid all the pretty blingy nail polish out there! Make those babies sparkle!!!

Indie Polish : Floam

There are many indie polishes available on the web. These creations are unique and usually well made. That’s what happens when you have someone who knows what they like and they strive to create a quality product.

I longingly watched this certain polish get raved about, swatches, and pinned on pinterest. So the day it finally came back in stock, I jumped on it. I think in less than an hour online (and a major server crash) they were sold out. Yeah, it’s that popular!

Floam by Nail-Venturous looks exactly like its name sake. The beady gooey kids toy Floam sounds like a strange choice for nail polish, but I’ve never been one to steer from anything unique.

I made the mistake of stamping over this because, well, I’m addicted to stamping. This is one case where the polish is outstanding enough to not need any further embellishment. I may start over on this one.

I apologize for the poor photos, I just had my cell phone and was working with a bum hand. No less than 2 hours after completing my manicure, my son got a bit rambunctious wrestling with his dad and sister and I, attempting to separate them, got my thumb nail viciously ripped off. The boy immediately knew it was bad and (smartly) took off running. Lol. A little blood and a few choice words later, I was over it. It will grow back eventually. I still mourn its passing though 😉



Floam has matte neon blue and yellow-green fine glitter in a clear base. And it is packed to the brim! I think it may benefit from a drop or two of thinner as it seems a bit clumpy especially on the brush. Two to three coats make it opaque on the nail and it dries matte. Without a top coat it has a very rough texture. Two coats of Seche Vite topcoat fixed that. From a distance it looks like a bright teal blue. Up close it’s just breathtaking!

Now as you can see in the pics, cleanup isn’t easy. Just trying to make my mani a bit neater was a pain. Lots of tiny glitter still hung around on my skin despite acetone and several hand scrubbings. Yikes this is going to be a royal pain to remove! The foil method may not even save me LOL but it’s worth it. Floam is simply too awesome to give up on!

You can purchase Floam through ninjapolish.com -here-. You should also check out Amy’s blog at I’m Feeling Nail-Venturous. She has some wonderful polish creations and you can also get the inside scoop as to when some of her unique polishes are restocked.

I promise to do right by her by providing much better pics next time. For now I shall go nurse my wound and weep for the loss of a beautiful nail now reduced to a nub.

Mid week mani – Black Lace (sort of)

Since I’m off from work tonight, I decided to use my down time while nothing’s on tv to freshen up my mani. We are not an American Idol household, not since season 2. So amidst the reruns of Family Guy and King of the Hill, I played around until I came up with this.


A pale pink? How tame for me! A black lace(ish) design stamped in black? Ahhh, that’s more like it.

I really struggled with this Milani polish. Three coats later and it finally was pink enough. It was so streaky and difficult to build. Drying time seemed long too. That said, it dries super glossy. The color is too cute and would look great with a flaky shimmery topcoat.

This is yet another bornprettystore.com plate, stamped in Konad Special Polish black. Stamped like a dream!!!



And Aww, look at my little stubby index finger nail finally growing a bit. I’m still mad at that drawer at work.