Mid week mani – Black Lace (sort of)

Since I’m off from work tonight, I decided to use my down time while nothing’s on tv to freshen up my mani. We are not an American Idol household, not since season 2. So amidst the reruns of Family Guy and King of the Hill, I played around until I came up with this.


A pale pink? How tame for me! A black lace(ish) design stamped in black? Ahhh, that’s more like it.

I really struggled with this Milani polish. Three coats later and it finally was pink enough. It was so streaky and difficult to build. Drying time seemed long too. That said, it dries super glossy. The color is too cute and would look great with a flaky shimmery topcoat.

This is yet another bornprettystore.com plate, stamped in Konad Special Polish black. Stamped like a dream!!!



And Aww, look at my little stubby index finger nail finally growing a bit. I’m still mad at that drawer at work.


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