My Polish Holy Grail

I’ve been waiting for my local Sally Beauty Supply to get a certain color back in stock. Every time I’d go in, I’d search the racks of China Glaze. It became a ritual. Even my 8 year old daughter would automatically check when she’d come shopping with me.

When China Glaze came out with their Summer Neons line, I made a trip to Sally’s to grab the two colors that had piqued my interest online. I was distracted by all the new pretty bottles when my daughter yelled out, ” Mama!! Flip Flop!!!!!”. I didn’t believe her. Surely it was a misplaced bottle. She flipped the bottle over and proudly showed me the name we had been searching for.

So here it is, my very own bottle of China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy. I was so excited, I didn’t even do a clean up before grabbing a few shots. My bad.
This is with a white base, which I highly recommend for all neon type polishes. They just pop!!


Stamping plate drk-b from yet again. It’s quickly becoming my go to plate. Very large images. I mean super large! This little owl comes in 3 sizes which is nice.

This was the beginning of a large nail polish shopping spree, but it was by far my biggest “get”. Happy polish addict!!!!


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