Striping Tape French Mani

Fresh black and gold mani equals a team win on the weekends that I do them. At least, that is hubby’s new superstition. Hey, it feeds into my passion for polish and keeps him off my back so… la superstition!!

Here is A England Camelot (my go to black) with gold striping tape topped off with Seche Vite. Simple, elegant, sure to get noticed.



Zoya Gilty Pleasures set

This limited edition offering from Zoya was an absolute must have for me. Black and 18k gold? Oh yeah. (Oh, it also comes with a white. Lol )

Several polish makers have come out with a real gold top coat. Zoya decided to release theirs in a set with Raven(black) and Purity (white) for the same price as others sell their single bottle for.

It’s nicely packaged, giving it a very special feel. Application of the black was great. Two coats made it opaque, mostly self leveling, no clumping, just overall smooth. The gold flecks are plentiful and large. I found the OPI version (The Man With the Golden Gun from the James Bond collection) had much tinier flakes. Suggested application is to load up your brush, dab the flakes onto the nail, then do some smoothing. A nice layer of top coat seals it in and smooths it to perfection.

And now for the photos. Enjoy!