Bundle Monster CYO Collection 2013 plus tutorial

I recently got the Create Your Own collection from Bundle Monster and have been having a blast testing them all out. Unfortunately there were several that had problems (mis etched designs that just wouldn’t work) so I had to wait for replacements to get to this one. (BM, as usual, had great customer service and sent replacements without question and very quickly! Bravo!)


BM423 is probably my favorite plate in the whole collection. Chevrons are so in right now and using striping tape to do it just takes way too long.

Ready to play? Today’s mani uses ILNP’s Molly as a base and A England’s Excalibur to stamp. Top coat, as always, is Seche Vite.




And here is the setup. I used Fab Ur Nails rectangular squishy stamper, an old Walmart gift card as a scraper, an old eyeshadow brush for cleanup, and good old acetone.


After cleaning the plate with acetone, paint the design with your stamping polish. Not too thin or it will dry too quickly, but not to thick or it will smudge.


Hold the gift card at a 45 degree angle and, applying pressure, scrape across the plate, removing the excess. This is where practice makes perfect. You will learn just how much pressure and how quickly you need to scrape. Every plate brand is different too. This particular image I had to scrape with the stripes. The other direction left streaks and removed too much from the peaks of the chevrons. Like I said, just play and experiment.



Now pick up the image with the stamper. I like the rectangular stamper because it makes things easier to line up when doing full nail images. Just line it up and press down. I do a rolling motion with this stamper. With my XL stamper, which is much softer, rolling causes blurring and distortion and i get a better result pressing straight down. Yet again, play and experiment.





Now it’s time to transfer the image from the stamper to the nail. Time is of the essence. Some polishes dry faster than others so how much time you have depends on that. Line up your stamper with your nail and roll the image on. (Sorry no pics of this. I guess I need a third hand. Five more nails to paint yay!) Again, this depends on your stamper. With a squishy stamper you would just press straight onto the nail rather than roll. I find my rectangular stamper is in between the konad firm stamper and the squishy stamper. Soft enough to hug my curvy nail but firm enough to roll.

In this photo, my middle finger is the one freshly stamped. (I had issues getting the chevrons straight on that finger and had to remove it several times so it became the example here. Naughty finger!!) You can see the excess stamping on the edges. Gently press down on any excess that hasn’t quite gripped the nail.


Clean up cuticles with eyeshadow brush dipped in pure acetone. Apply cuticle oil/balm after.



I’ll get a daylight photo just as soon as the sun decides to return. Holographic polishes absolutely transform in the sun!

Happy stamping!!

Check back soon for more pics and links to the products used in this tutorial.