Custom Saints plate from Fig Tree Jewelry

Since I first started nail stamping, I’ve been searching for the perfect plate for my favorite team. I started by buying any plate I could find with a fleur de lis on it, but they just weren’t quite right. Then I discovered custom plates.

Fig Tree Jewellery, an etsy shop in the UK, offers custom plate engraving. You can find her here: -Custom Stamping Plate-

Make sure you read the entire listing and all articles linked in it. It explains in detail how to choose the best images. When you’re ready, just contact her with the images and she will let you know if they’ll work or not. Have an approximate size in mind also.

Once payment is made, things go fast! Within hours, Cassie had a mock up sent to me. From there we made adjustments to size and finalized my plate. Within 24 hours the plate was made and tested, with photos emailed to me for approval. I’d say from start to finish and plate in my hand in the US, it took all of a week. She’s super fast! She answered my emails quickly and was always so nice to work with. The whole process was wonderful and I’m already planning my next plate.

Here’s the mock up.


Notice the ruler on the sides. It really helps when making adjustments to size.

And here is the finished product.


As with all plates, it has a learning curve. Mine doesn’t like rough scraping, it takes out too much polish. Light scraping gave me the perfect stamp. I drew one design especially for decals and Cassie made sure that one worked perfectly for me.
The plate is heavy duty and pretty thick. No worries about bending or denting this baby!

And here’s my first official Who Dat Manicure. I definitely need more practice, but it’s worth it!




To all my stamping ladies, just a note. This is a great way to get your hubby on board the stamping obsession. What once elicited eye rolls and comments like “Do you really need more plates/polish?”, now has him participating in helping me find suitable images. My first test stamp was not to a piece of paper or to my nails. The first stamp went on his thumbs.

Are you ready for some football indeed. 😉



One thought on “Custom Saints plate from Fig Tree Jewelry

  1. NailsIT says:

    haha awesome! DH would not care, but my family would drive over!

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