Glowing Top Coat?

I still can’t get enough of China Glaze’s Electric Nights collection! This week I decided to sport the pink of the collection. Eye popping all on its own, it gets a boost under black light and glows electric.



While showing off this neat trick to a friend I noticed something strange. My mani looked messy under the uv lamp! Oh heck no! Now I know I applied my polish neatly and did clean up. What on earth was going on??


That’s when I realized it was my top coat that was glowing on my cuticles!


Yes folks, HK Girl’s Glisten and Glow top coat actually glows.

I wish I had gotten a photo before I did another cleanup but…yeah, no. I can’t have messy fingers out there.


But any way, now I know to watch out for that sneaky top coat. I swear it was like being in a chrime scene when they turn on the uv lamp and the blood stains show up and you swore you had gotten rid of every bloody footprint. Horrifying lol.