Starting low carb high fat

Where do you begin? Well first things first. You make the conscious decision that this is the day. It’s time. I want this.
For me that day was June 1, 2015. A nice easy date to remember. Kids out for the summer and home with me, I put them in charge of keeping me in line. They wound up instead being my cheerleaders, always encouraging me. Support is vital! So whether it’s family or friends, an online group, whatever, it’s always easier to not do this alone.
I won’t lie, those first few weeks were a roller coaster. Detoxifying yourself from sugar and carbs is rough. You’ll feel like you’re dying, like you have the flu. Don’t quit! Just get it over with! If you have just a little carbs/junk/soda to take the edge off you will have to go through this all over again. It’s not worth it. Just stick with it.
Tip #2 – The keto flu. When you start feeling yucky when just starting LCHF, there are several ways to get through it. Drink plenty of water, try bone broth, up your sodium (this really works!), and make sure you’re getting enough healthy fats so that you feel satiated and aren’t tempted to grab carbs.