Darling Diva – Ringer

This week I’m wearing Unicorn Pee.

For those not in the know, Unicorn Pee refers to a very special, highly sought after polish that is now so rare and so awesome, it’s given this nickname.

Darling Diva’s Ringer is a dupe of Max Factor Fantasy Fire or Clarins 230, both of which are as rare as the urine of a mythical four legged horned creature.

Ringer isn’t meant to be worn alone. It magically transforms whatever polish you put it over. It’s described as “a sheer blurple jelly with copper red to green shifting shimmer.”

In the sun it looks like its on fire from beneath the base color. Here I havetwo coats of Ringer over one coat of Wet and Wild Fast Dry Saved By the Blue. I’ve gotten stopped so many times to get a better look at this one. It transforms from every angle and is truly eye popping!


Definitely need to try this over other colors to see how it looks.

I purchased my bottle of ringer from Llarowe here. It’s currently sold out but should be restocked in the future. Good luck and happy unicorn pee hunting! 😉