Who Dat Manicure

We have charged full speed into summer vacation this year. Between end of school madness and trying to keep my two darling angel children from murdering each other while daily thunderstorms flood our little part of the country, I have had no time for blogging. I have, much to my husband’s dismay, had time to continue my polish addiction by buying every pretty bottle that crossed my path.
I may or may not have worn everything I’ve recently purchased, but I can guarantee I have swatched them all on a nail wheel. Somewhere around here are several little bits of plastic with a gorgeous array of colors shining brightly, calling my name, begging to be worn. In due time my pretties, in due time.

Let me begin by saying I love nail stamping. It’s fun, simple, and the possibilities are endless. You know what sucks though? Stamping plates. There are just too many of them out there!! My bank account cries every time I browse the internet under the google keywords “konad” “fauxnad” or “stamping plates”. Yeah, I have issues. Intervention is knocking on my door with video cameras.

Ninja Polish now has two large stamping plates on their website. The first was beautiful. I resisted. Then came the sneak peeks of the images on the yet unreleased second one. I struggled. Line by line more images were shown. A sweat broke out. Then a fleur de lis showed up in there. That was it, pre-order button clicked. For that one image alone I was hooked. Resistance is futile.

In a show of support for our players (mostly fruitless) appeal to the NFL tomorrow, I am yet again proudly wearing my Who Dat Nation pride on my nails. No matter the outcome, I just want this summer to end and football season to begin already!

I must own a dozen different golds. Today I chose to wear a gold by Jade Holographic. Not available here in the states, I ordered this one from Llarowe http://shop.llarowe.com/, another great vendor for unique polishes. Holographic polishes are quickly becoming my favorite! In this case, it gave a nice punch to my Who Dat manicure. Polish applied smoothly, the unique bottle and brush shape felt good in my hands. Slightly transparent, this polish needed 3 thin coats for enough coverage. Drying time was fast. Topped with Seche Vite topcoat which didn’t take anything away from the yummy holo goodness.

First, sunlight.


And now, flash.


Whoa baby!

And a shot with Jade’s unique bottle.


I’d still rate Glitter Gal holo polish as the top in terms of quality and opaqueness, but Jade ranks a close second.
My nail mail haul also included my first bottle of A-England, a Zoya freebie set, more Jade, some summer neons, and I finally got my hands on the elusive China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy! Stay tuned!!


3d Holographic Polish

When I snagged the coveted Floam from Ninjapolish.com a couple weeks ago I also grabbed a bottle of holographic nail polish that I’d had my eye on for a while. Bad idea because now I NEED more! Lol

Glitter Gal is a brand of polish out of Australia. Their prices are a tad high for the size of the bottle but it is absolutely worth it! Their high quality materials make this polish one I can highly recommend in every way. Application was flawless and the finished result is breathtaking. I did three coats and didn’t have a single issue with balding or clumping. The polish levels out nicely and I’m telling you, it goes on like butta!!!! Lol

In sunlight the holo effect is stunning. Under artificial light (like my cell phone’s led flash) it absolutely glows electric! I turn on my iPhones flashlight app and wow people when they ask me about the polish. Photos can not do it justice, but I’ll try to show you here.

The first color I bought was Blue (Bondi Blue on some sites).

First, inside with flash on. When you move it dances in the light!


In sunlight with flash-


Shade no flash


Sunlight. Ahhhhhhh.




This is the start of a beautiful friendship!! Now to decide what color I NEED to buy next. Lol Happy painting y’all!!

Check out Glitter Gal online at http://www.glittergal.com.au.
I purchased mine from Ninja Polish, my new favorite site to buy my crack, er, polish online LOL!!