4th of July Nail art



Polishes used
Blue – Wet N Wild Fast Dry in saved By the Blue
Red – Zoya Carmen
Glitter top coats:
Dollish Polish It’s A Me, Mario! (The stars are so hard to get out! Really wish there were more stars in the bottle.)
Icing Glamourous

Stamping polishes used:
Konad Special Polish in White
A England Excalibur

Stamping plates used:
Bundle Monster stripes are plate BM 201
Stars are Pueen plate 44 (both stamped cleanly and easily. Maybe it’s the plate, maybe it’s the polishes, who knows. Winning combo.)


Enjoy the BBQ y’all and please be safe when blowing up small objects for fun. Would be a shame to lose fingers in a tragic fireworks accident. Less nails to paint. 😧


Darling Diva – Ringer

This week I’m wearing Unicorn Pee.

For those not in the know, Unicorn Pee refers to a very special, highly sought after polish that is now so rare and so awesome, it’s given this nickname.

Darling Diva’s Ringer is a dupe of Max Factor Fantasy Fire or Clarins 230, both of which are as rare as the urine of a mythical four legged horned creature.

Ringer isn’t meant to be worn alone. It magically transforms whatever polish you put it over. It’s described as “a sheer blurple jelly with copper red to green shifting shimmer.”

In the sun it looks like its on fire from beneath the base color. Here I havetwo coats of Ringer over one coat of Wet and Wild Fast Dry Saved By the Blue. I’ve gotten stopped so many times to get a better look at this one. It transforms from every angle and is truly eye popping!


Definitely need to try this over other colors to see how it looks.

I purchased my bottle of ringer from Llarowe here. It’s currently sold out but should be restocked in the future. Good luck and happy unicorn pee hunting! 😉

Indie Polish : Floam

There are many indie polishes available on the web. These creations are unique and usually well made. That’s what happens when you have someone who knows what they like and they strive to create a quality product.

I longingly watched this certain polish get raved about, swatches, and pinned on pinterest. So the day it finally came back in stock, I jumped on it. I think in less than an hour online (and a major server crash) they were sold out. Yeah, it’s that popular!

Floam by Nail-Venturous looks exactly like its name sake. The beady gooey kids toy Floam sounds like a strange choice for nail polish, but I’ve never been one to steer from anything unique.

I made the mistake of stamping over this because, well, I’m addicted to stamping. This is one case where the polish is outstanding enough to not need any further embellishment. I may start over on this one.

I apologize for the poor photos, I just had my cell phone and was working with a bum hand. No less than 2 hours after completing my manicure, my son got a bit rambunctious wrestling with his dad and sister and I, attempting to separate them, got my thumb nail viciously ripped off. The boy immediately knew it was bad and (smartly) took off running. Lol. A little blood and a few choice words later, I was over it. It will grow back eventually. I still mourn its passing though 😉



Floam has matte neon blue and yellow-green fine glitter in a clear base. And it is packed to the brim! I think it may benefit from a drop or two of thinner as it seems a bit clumpy especially on the brush. Two to three coats make it opaque on the nail and it dries matte. Without a top coat it has a very rough texture. Two coats of Seche Vite topcoat fixed that. From a distance it looks like a bright teal blue. Up close it’s just breathtaking!

Now as you can see in the pics, cleanup isn’t easy. Just trying to make my mani a bit neater was a pain. Lots of tiny glitter still hung around on my skin despite acetone and several hand scrubbings. Yikes this is going to be a royal pain to remove! The foil method may not even save me LOL but it’s worth it. Floam is simply too awesome to give up on!

You can purchase Floam through ninjapolish.com -here-. You should also check out Amy’s blog at I’m Feeling Nail-Venturous. She has some wonderful polish creations and you can also get the inside scoop as to when some of her unique polishes are restocked.

I promise to do right by her by providing much better pics next time. For now I shall go nurse my wound and weep for the loss of a beautiful nail now reduced to a nub.