Eating Inspires Art

Growing up in south eastern Louisiana, many of my fondest memories revolve around food. All events here involve eating. Having a baby? Bring a dish to the mom. Somebody die? Huge buffet after the funeral. 40 days before Easter? Barbecue something! Made the car payment on time? Crawfish boil!
I know this is not unique to us here, but we do it best. Every good maw maw knows that when her grand kids walk into the house, the first thing after a jovial “Hello!” is “Did you eat? Let me cook you something.” Even if the answer was yes, grandma wasn’t going to back down until she got something yummy and homemade into your tummy. Because “doesn’t your mother feed you??”.

Second to the memories of the food, is what that food was served on. Seafood boils saw piles of newspapers become table coverings, barbecues saw soggy paper plates and red solo cups, and thanksgiving and Christmas dinner saw “the good china” come out from its hiding place, safe from chips and scratches. Most of the time it wasn’t expensive by most standards, but to us it was invaluable. They held memories of prior gatherings, were eaten on by family members no longer with us, brought remembrances of laughs around the table at overcooked turkeys, spilled gravy, and messy shirts.

I actually had to google this specific pattern as I never did know the name, merely the theme. Quite a common set, its blue and white intricately drawn scene was the subject of many debates in my head. What was it about? Who were those three guys on the bridge? What’s up with the wonky fence? Yes, I’m talking about the Blue Willow pattern. I’m wearing my mother’s plates on my nails. My husband took one look and said “I don’t get it”. My 8 yr old, however, took one look and exclaimed “dishes!!” (Did I mention she is a food lover like her mother? Lol)

Not a literal translation, but inspired by….here are my Blue Willow nails. Don’t laugh.


I used one of stamping plates. Similar to the infamous konad plates, at a fraction of the cost. They stamp well, no complaints. I’ll have a separate post reviewing them eventually. I also used a Sally Hansen polish instead of a Konad special polish for my design. Not all polishes work for stamping. This one does, and it’s much cheaper. Seeing a theme? Anything that saves money is a plus.

If you know of any non konad polishes that work well, feel free to leave a comment!