4th of July Nail art



Polishes used
Blue – Wet N Wild Fast Dry in saved By the Blue
Red – Zoya Carmen
Glitter top coats:
Dollish Polish It’s A Me, Mario! (The stars are so hard to get out! Really wish there were more stars in the bottle.)
Icing Glamourous

Stamping polishes used:
Konad Special Polish in White
A England Excalibur

Stamping plates used:
Bundle Monster stripes are plate BM 201
Stars are Pueen plate 44 (both stamped cleanly and easily. Maybe it’s the plate, maybe it’s the polishes, who knows. Winning combo.)


Enjoy the BBQ y’all and please be safe when blowing up small objects for fun. Would be a shame to lose fingers in a tragic fireworks accident. Less nails to paint. 😧


October Round-Up (because I’m a slacker)

Ah October. What a sigh of relief. Cooler weather has arrived and with it comes runny noses and whiny kids (and husbands!). I may have slacked on posting, but I definitely didn’t slack on my nails! My biweekly manicures have remained consistent and fun, so here I go with a recap!

Fall means football in southeastern Louisiana. I’ll spare you the insanity and only show a few football inspired manis.

First up is my son’s school colors. (Geaux Gators!). I was only able to attend half of his games due to work sadly. The orange is one from SinfulColors’ line. The blue is Ulta’s house brand. Names escape me.


I used a piece of striping tape to get the line. Simple, but not too simple.

Next up is another black and gold mani. My son and I attended the Sunday night Chargers vs Saints game in the dome. It was an amazing night watching Drew break the all time consecutive games with a passing TD record. That night I wore a base coat of A England’s original Holy Grail topped off with Barry M’s Croc Effects in black. Normally I hate crackle polish. It looks, I don’t know, sloppy? But this one is different. Instead of a shatter effect, it does this alligator skin effect that goes great with one of my handbags.


Here are two more black and gold manis using striping tape. That stuff seriously is versatile! Blacks and golds in both are from A England (again). Best black polish on the planet!



And an LSU purple and gold striped mani, just to show I do branch out occasionally. 😉


Next up, but still in the gold family (purely a coincidence, I swear!!), is a new one from OPI’s Skyfall collection. This is Goldeneye. Application is nice, dries not too gritty, and sparkles like crazy! It looks like gold foil nails. I kept being reminded of the golden eggs that the geese lay in Willie Wonka.


And now for the Halloween portion of today’s spamathon. This is China Glaze Riveting from the Hunger Games collection. Best orange ever. I used various Bundle Monster stamping plates and Konad Special Polish in black. They came out cute. My waitress at my favorite sushi restaurant insisted they were fake until I showed her where my thumb had chipped. Lol


Last but certainly not least is from Ninja Polish’s Halloween 2012 collection. I picked up Candy Corn and Howling Blue Moon, both glow in the dark polishes. Seeing as this year my son is dressing as Walter White for Halloween, complete with sample bags of Heisenberg’s Blue Meth (rock candy dyed blue, it rots your teeth like the real thing though!), I had to have blue nails to match. Here is a pic showing regular light, semi-dark, and full darkness. It’s the best glow in the dark polish out there hands down. The holo sparkle goodness and crescent moon glitters make it a joy to wear in the daytime too. I’m in love!


Well, that’s it for this month’s roundup! I left out a few manis that need to go with others in their line of polishes. I promise to get those and their yet to be swatched brethren up soon! Stay tuned and thanks for reading!!

My Polish Holy Grail

I’ve been waiting for my local Sally Beauty Supply to get a certain color back in stock. Every time I’d go in, I’d search the racks of China Glaze. It became a ritual. Even my 8 year old daughter would automatically check when she’d come shopping with me.

When China Glaze came out with their Summer Neons line, I made a trip to Sally’s to grab the two colors that had piqued my interest online. I was distracted by all the new pretty bottles when my daughter yelled out, ” Mama!! Flip Flop!!!!!”. I didn’t believe her. Surely it was a misplaced bottle. She flipped the bottle over and proudly showed me the name we had been searching for.

So here it is, my very own bottle of China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy. I was so excited, I didn’t even do a clean up before grabbing a few shots. My bad.
This is with a white base, which I highly recommend for all neon type polishes. They just pop!!


Stamping plate drk-b from ninjapolish.com yet again. It’s quickly becoming my go to plate. Very large images. I mean super large! This little owl comes in 3 sizes which is nice.

This was the beginning of a large nail polish shopping spree, but it was by far my biggest “get”. Happy polish addict!!!!

Who Dat Manicure

We have charged full speed into summer vacation this year. Between end of school madness and trying to keep my two darling angel children from murdering each other while daily thunderstorms flood our little part of the country, I have had no time for blogging. I have, much to my husband’s dismay, had time to continue my polish addiction by buying every pretty bottle that crossed my path.
I may or may not have worn everything I’ve recently purchased, but I can guarantee I have swatched them all on a nail wheel. Somewhere around here are several little bits of plastic with a gorgeous array of colors shining brightly, calling my name, begging to be worn. In due time my pretties, in due time.

Let me begin by saying I love nail stamping. It’s fun, simple, and the possibilities are endless. You know what sucks though? Stamping plates. There are just too many of them out there!! My bank account cries every time I browse the internet under the google keywords “konad” “fauxnad” or “stamping plates”. Yeah, I have issues. Intervention is knocking on my door with video cameras.

Ninja Polish now has two large stamping plates on their website. The first was beautiful. I resisted. Then came the sneak peeks of the images on the yet unreleased second one. I struggled. Line by line more images were shown. A sweat broke out. Then a fleur de lis showed up in there. That was it, pre-order button clicked. For that one image alone I was hooked. Resistance is futile.

In a show of support for our players (mostly fruitless) appeal to the NFL tomorrow, I am yet again proudly wearing my Who Dat Nation pride on my nails. No matter the outcome, I just want this summer to end and football season to begin already!

I must own a dozen different golds. Today I chose to wear a gold by Jade Holographic. Not available here in the states, I ordered this one from Llarowe http://shop.llarowe.com/, another great vendor for unique polishes. Holographic polishes are quickly becoming my favorite! In this case, it gave a nice punch to my Who Dat manicure. Polish applied smoothly, the unique bottle and brush shape felt good in my hands. Slightly transparent, this polish needed 3 thin coats for enough coverage. Drying time was fast. Topped with Seche Vite topcoat which didn’t take anything away from the yummy holo goodness.

First, sunlight.


And now, flash.


Whoa baby!

And a shot with Jade’s unique bottle.


I’d still rate Glitter Gal holo polish as the top in terms of quality and opaqueness, but Jade ranks a close second.
My nail mail haul also included my first bottle of A-England, a Zoya freebie set, more Jade, some summer neons, and I finally got my hands on the elusive China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy! Stay tuned!!

Mid week mani – Black Lace (sort of)

Since I’m off from work tonight, I decided to use my down time while nothing’s on tv to freshen up my mani. We are not an American Idol household, not since season 2. So amidst the reruns of Family Guy and King of the Hill, I played around until I came up with this.


A pale pink? How tame for me! A black lace(ish) design stamped in black? Ahhh, that’s more like it.

I really struggled with this Milani polish. Three coats later and it finally was pink enough. It was so streaky and difficult to build. Drying time seemed long too. That said, it dries super glossy. The color is too cute and would look great with a flaky shimmery topcoat.

This is yet another bornprettystore.com plate, stamped in Konad Special Polish black. Stamped like a dream!!!



And Aww, look at my little stubby index finger nail finally growing a bit. I’m still mad at that drawer at work.

China Glaze Hunger Games Collection : Agro

Like the rest of the world, I fell in love with The Hunger Games when I read it. I devoured every word and flew through all three books in less than a week. So when I found The Hunger Games line of nail polish at my local Sally, I just had to collect em all! (tm Pokemon)

Here is Agro. A gorgeous metallic green named for District 11 (I heart Rue and Thresh btw. Would love a whole book about them and the lives of their district prior to the 74th annual Hunger Games)
Topped it off with another one of my bornprettystore.com stamping plates in Sally Hansen Xtreme Gold. It has an art deco feel to it. Subtle for me. Absolutely shimmers in the sun.

Agro had a great consistency, nearly opaque in one coat, 2nd coat perfection. Topped with Seche Vite top coat.


I’ll try to post a review of each color from the Hunger Games line that I own. Stay tuned! If you can find any of these available for purchase, grab one or two. They are limited edition and will eventually be gone.

Eating Inspires Art

Growing up in south eastern Louisiana, many of my fondest memories revolve around food. All events here involve eating. Having a baby? Bring a dish to the mom. Somebody die? Huge buffet after the funeral. 40 days before Easter? Barbecue something! Made the car payment on time? Crawfish boil!
I know this is not unique to us here, but we do it best. Every good maw maw knows that when her grand kids walk into the house, the first thing after a jovial “Hello!” is “Did you eat? Let me cook you something.” Even if the answer was yes, grandma wasn’t going to back down until she got something yummy and homemade into your tummy. Because “doesn’t your mother feed you??”.

Second to the memories of the food, is what that food was served on. Seafood boils saw piles of newspapers become table coverings, barbecues saw soggy paper plates and red solo cups, and thanksgiving and Christmas dinner saw “the good china” come out from its hiding place, safe from chips and scratches. Most of the time it wasn’t expensive by most standards, but to us it was invaluable. They held memories of prior gatherings, were eaten on by family members no longer with us, brought remembrances of laughs around the table at overcooked turkeys, spilled gravy, and messy shirts.

I actually had to google this specific pattern as I never did know the name, merely the theme. Quite a common set, its blue and white intricately drawn scene was the subject of many debates in my head. What was it about? Who were those three guys on the bridge? What’s up with the wonky fence? Yes, I’m talking about the Blue Willow pattern. I’m wearing my mother’s plates on my nails. My husband took one look and said “I don’t get it”. My 8 yr old, however, took one look and exclaimed “dishes!!” (Did I mention she is a food lover like her mother? Lol)

Not a literal translation, but inspired by….here are my Blue Willow nails. Don’t laugh.


I used one of bornprettystore.com stamping plates. Similar to the infamous konad plates, at a fraction of the cost. They stamp well, no complaints. I’ll have a separate post reviewing them eventually. I also used a Sally Hansen polish instead of a Konad special polish for my design. Not all polishes work for stamping. This one does, and it’s much cheaper. Seeing a theme? Anything that saves money is a plus.

If you know of any non konad polishes that work well, feel free to leave a comment!