Julie G Gumdrops

Currently my favorite purple textured polish. Hoping Zoya comes out with a royal purple pixie dust like the royal blue from their summer collection.




Zoya Pixie Dust – Nyx

I do think Zoya has won the battle of the textured polishes. Their formula is simply perfect. Not too chunky, just the right amount of glitter.

Here is Zoya Nyx. My kids tell me it’s purple or blue. I say it’s both lol. It’s best described as periwinkle with bling.

Pic with flash and with indoor lighting. I get so many compliments on this one! No base coat or top coat as directed.



I simply cannot wait for the summer Pixie Dust line!

Zoya Pixie Dust – Godiva

The hot new trend this year is textured polish. I avoided it when the Mariah Carey by OPI collection came out. It just looked so……chunky…..rough…..to me. And I am one of those that, if I’m wearing glitter polish and didn’t get enough top coats on it, the bits of glitter are going to drive me mad! Yes folks, I’m a picker. I’ll pick at it until I’ve ruined my manicure. I just can’t help it. Hence why I was wary of textured polishes.

Would I be able to wear it and not immediately rush for my bottle of Seche Vite? The short answer is, surprisingly, yes! Bonus – I wore it longer than most mani’s, 8 days.

Zoya’s Pixie Dust collection is a textured polish with ultra fine glitter in it. The key to a great mani with this polish is to use thin coats and to allow it to dry completely between coats. Zoya also advises that you not use a base coat which to me was the scary part. I envisioned scratched up nail beds upon removal.

I figured I would do everything by the book so that, if I didn’t like it, I could say it wasn’t because of any failure on my part. I began with clean nail, cuticles pushed back, and everything swiped with some Zoya Remove +. I then began to put three thin coats of Zoya Godiva on my nails, taking a few minutes between each coat. You could see when it was dry because it became matte, sandy, and glittery. It was an amazing process to watch.

Godiva needed 3 coats in order to remove visible nail line. I believe the darker colors may need only 2.

Photos do not do it justice. The camera just isn’t able to capture the sparkle that Pixie Dust has. It really blew my mind.


The texture is very fine and doesn’t snag. I actually liked touching my nails! It’s difficult to explain LOL. Another bonus is that this polish doesn’t chip easily. If it does, fixing it is pretty easy too.

Removal wasn’t bad at all. Best of all the grit and glitter did NOT damage my nail bed without base coat!

I ran out and bought a few more colors and can’t wait to try them. Also, Zoya has announced that there will be a summer line of Pixie Dust polishes with vibrant colors. I can’t wait! Take my money!!!