Striping Tape French Mani

Fresh black and gold mani equals a team win on the weekends that I do them. At least, that is hubby’s new superstition. Hey, it feeds into my passion for polish and keeps him off my back so… la superstition!!

Here is A England Camelot (my go to black) with gold striping tape topped off with Seche Vite. Simple, elegant, sure to get noticed.



Zoya Gilty Pleasures set

This limited edition offering from Zoya was an absolute must have for me. Black and 18k gold? Oh yeah. (Oh, it also comes with a white. Lol )

Several polish makers have come out with a real gold top coat. Zoya decided to release theirs in a set with Raven(black) and Purity (white) for the same price as others sell their single bottle for.

It’s nicely packaged, giving it a very special feel. Application of the black was great. Two coats made it opaque, mostly self leveling, no clumping, just overall smooth. The gold flecks are plentiful and large. I found the OPI version (The Man With the Golden Gun from the James Bond collection) had much tinier flakes. Suggested application is to load up your brush, dab the flakes onto the nail, then do some smoothing. A nice layer of top coat seals it in and smooths it to perfection.

And now for the photos. Enjoy!




October Round-Up (because I’m a slacker)

Ah October. What a sigh of relief. Cooler weather has arrived and with it comes runny noses and whiny kids (and husbands!). I may have slacked on posting, but I definitely didn’t slack on my nails! My biweekly manicures have remained consistent and fun, so here I go with a recap!

Fall means football in southeastern Louisiana. I’ll spare you the insanity and only show a few football inspired manis.

First up is my son’s school colors. (Geaux Gators!). I was only able to attend half of his games due to work sadly. The orange is one from SinfulColors’ line. The blue is Ulta’s house brand. Names escape me.


I used a piece of striping tape to get the line. Simple, but not too simple.

Next up is another black and gold mani. My son and I attended the Sunday night Chargers vs Saints game in the dome. It was an amazing night watching Drew break the all time consecutive games with a passing TD record. That night I wore a base coat of A England’s original Holy Grail topped off with Barry M’s Croc Effects in black. Normally I hate crackle polish. It looks, I don’t know, sloppy? But this one is different. Instead of a shatter effect, it does this alligator skin effect that goes great with one of my handbags.


Here are two more black and gold manis using striping tape. That stuff seriously is versatile! Blacks and golds in both are from A England (again). Best black polish on the planet!



And an LSU purple and gold striped mani, just to show I do branch out occasionally. 😉


Next up, but still in the gold family (purely a coincidence, I swear!!), is a new one from OPI’s Skyfall collection. This is Goldeneye. Application is nice, dries not too gritty, and sparkles like crazy! It looks like gold foil nails. I kept being reminded of the golden eggs that the geese lay in Willie Wonka.


And now for the Halloween portion of today’s spamathon. This is China Glaze Riveting from the Hunger Games collection. Best orange ever. I used various Bundle Monster stamping plates and Konad Special Polish in black. They came out cute. My waitress at my favorite sushi restaurant insisted they were fake until I showed her where my thumb had chipped. Lol


Last but certainly not least is from Ninja Polish’s Halloween 2012 collection. I picked up Candy Corn and Howling Blue Moon, both glow in the dark polishes. Seeing as this year my son is dressing as Walter White for Halloween, complete with sample bags of Heisenberg’s Blue Meth (rock candy dyed blue, it rots your teeth like the real thing though!), I had to have blue nails to match. Here is a pic showing regular light, semi-dark, and full darkness. It’s the best glow in the dark polish out there hands down. The holo sparkle goodness and crescent moon glitters make it a joy to wear in the daytime too. I’m in love!


Well, that’s it for this month’s roundup! I left out a few manis that need to go with others in their line of polishes. I promise to get those and their yet to be swatched brethren up soon! Stay tuned and thanks for reading!!