China Glaze Electric Nights 2015

Rainbow gradient mani with stamping

Thanks to an awesome BOGO sale at Sally, I was able to get my hands on the entire China Glaze Electric Nights collection. The second this press release came out I knew I had to have it. Beautiful squishy neons that glow under black light? Yes please.

What better way to brighten my mood than to flaunt some flashy funky fingers. This mani is not unique I’m sure but it makes me happy happy happy.

Rainbow gradient mani with stamping




For for this mani I used 6 of the polishes from the collection.

(L to R)

Glow With the Flow

Home Sweet House Music

Daisy Know My Name

Treble Maker

DJ Blue My Mind


There’s a reddish orange and another purple I had to leave out simply because my nails had a hard enough time fitting the 6 I did use.

I sponged a gradient over Zoya Purity to give it a little pop. Neons always look better over a white base.

For easier cleanup I brushed some hair glue around the nail before sponging. It peels right off and saves so much time!

Stamping plate is From plate BP 11.

Stamping polish is Mundo De Unas black.

I used my Creative Shop stamper and scraper. The scraper is my hands down favorite. The stamper has been finicky for me. Today I fought with it less than last time so I’m not cranky with it. Review on that coming soon.

Top coat is HK Girl from Glisten and Glow. It has replaced Seche as my go to top coat. This stuff is awesome. Quick drying, high shine, extends the life of my mani, works great with nail art.

Thank you China Glaze for making this collection! It’s just happy colors and lord knows we need something to brighten our moods after this yucky winter. The set also has three funky glitter toppers that have an indie vibe to them.

Happy stamping everybody and I hope y’all can get your hands on these neons.